Upgrading BMC Bladelogic from 8.2 SP1 to 8.2 SP2

BBSA Upgrade Sequence for Windows:

  1. Upgrade the RSCD agent on BBSA Server
  2. Upgrade the RSCD agent on VC Server
  3. Stop the Appserver
  4. Close all the BBSA Consoles
  5. Upgrade the Appserver
  6. Run “blappconf -s <workspace>” to ensure DB connection strings are correct. If you dont know the workspace names, type “blasadmin -a” then “list”.
  7. Run the DB Upgrade Script:
    1. In the 82-SP2-SQL_Update_Scripts zip file, execute the following:
    2. install_hotfix_update_sqlserver_script.bat <SQL server> <BBSA DB> <BBSA DB USER> <BBSA DB USER PASSWORD>
      1. Note:  You must have sqlcmd installed for this to run. Best is to run from the DB server itself.
  8. Upgrade all the consoles
    1. Remember to set the following Registry Keys to “0″ (zero) in the BSA server or systems where consoles are to be upgraded:
      1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server->PerSessionTempDir and DeleteTempDirsOnExit
      2. Add the BBSACONSOLE82-SP1-WIN64 installer to DEP (My Computer->Properties->Advanced System Settings->Performance Settings->Data Execution Prevention->Add.
  9. Start the Appservers
  10. Start the console

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November 15, 2012
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