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Change Healthcare is a catalyst for your value-based healthcare system. They are a healthcare technology company that offers software, analytics, network solutions, and technology-enabled services to help create a stronger, more collaborative healthcare system, and help deliver measurable value not only at the point of care, but also before, after, and in between care episodes.

Compliance with Consistency and Performance

VVL Systems was engaged to solve a unique problem: how to facilitate compliance on a heavily-regulated environment responsible for Personal and Healthcare-sensitive information.

We started by understanding the challenges of manual process to identify, measure, and report complex rules and compliance requirements across a large-swatch of systems (over 15,000) comprised of multiple sites and acquisitions.

The end result was a combination of BMC Software TrueSight Automation for Servers and our unique background with regulated Department of Defense expertise, where DISA STIGs and other compliance requirements are leveraged for industries outside of DoD.

High Performance Patching

Change Healthcare, like many large Enterprises who grew through Acquisitions and Mergers (McKesson and Change Healthcare merged in 2017), and highly regulated – had a growing challenge: Managing vulnerability management at the speed of business.

Change Healthcare previously held “Patch Parties” where dozens or more of technical staff would gather over a weekend to perform patching in a complex and often challenging manner. Change windows of 24 to 48 hours (or more) would be required to patch only a few hundred servers.

VVL Systems and BMC Software teamed to address the challenge through a unique offering – BMC TrueSight Automation for Servers:

  • TrueSight Server Automation to handle multi-site, large scale patching across Windows, Linux, and AIX;
  • TrueSight Vulnerability Management to enable DevSecOps through automated integration with Vulnerability Scanners.

The result: patching thousands of heterogeneous systems, across multiple sites, while catering to unique network requirements and patch distribution challenges.

Patching analysis and patch content distribution were now scheduled and performed outside of change windows without impact to systems, helping Change Healthcare to truly understand the vulnerability baseline and expected patch volume to be applied (therefore, able to calculate time required for actual patching).

Patch remediation performed by a small specialized patch management team across thousands of systems in less than 12 hours.

Do these challenges of long and tedious “Patch Parties” sound familiar?

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