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VVL Systems supports Mid American Energy, a Berkshire Hathaway Energy wholly-owned subsidiary, with their Run and Reinvent digital transformation, through our unique Trusted Advisor program.

As a regulated Energy Company, Berkshire Hathaway Energy has various regulatory requirements to address change drift and compliance management, and required the capability to automate the end to end process for:

• Automated Patch Lifecycle
• Compliance Management and Remediation
• Automated Server Organization
• Configuration and Inventory Management
• Infrastructure Architecture Design
• Software Distribution

VVL Systems worked together with BMC Software to educate and identify the value proposition of TrueSight Vulnerability Management, TrueSight Automation for Servers, and TrueSight Orchestrator.

Enter the Challenge: Do it in less than 2 weeks

BMC Software engaged VVL Systems to deliver the impossible: develop a customized Proof of Value plan which incorporates the extensive customer requirements with less than 2 weeks before the customer-facing Proof of Value (POV/POC).

But there’s more: implement a custom demo environment in the Microsoft Azure cloud so that Berkshire can understand the capabilities and Time to Value for implementation, while enabling a distributed virtual team to collaborate in the engagement from across the country.

Putting our Thinking Hats on

The VVL Systems Team came together to create a custom Proof of Value, Implementation, and Architecture design plan for implementation, working seamlessly around the clock to meet the customer demand.

We leveraged our Microsoft Azure Tier 1 Cloud Solution partnership expertise to deploy a highly secure, scalable, and representative environment in Microsoft Azure which reflected the BMC products in scope (TrueSight Automation for Servers and TrueSight Orchestrator).

We deployed a full-stack BMC Remedy ITSM instance in the cloud in the matter of hours to enable Change Management and Closed Loop Compliance use cases, highlighting the cross-product solution and integration capabilities of the BMC portfolio.

We delivered an end to end solution from scratch (this was not a pre-built demo environment) custom-tailored to the customer requirements, while demonstrating the quick time to value in full transparency with customer.

Customer-centered Proof of Value

VVL Systems and BMC Software collaboratively worked onsite with the customer reviewing the Proof of Value plan use cases, requirements, and questions around the solution and capability. We ensured that all stakeholders were engaged and had opportunity to discuss their questions, concerns, and challenges with their current business operations. The focus was aligned with customer outcome, ensuring that the solution fit their need and unique requirements.

Through our unique Trusted Advisor Program, we were able to create a plan for delivery a complex deployment, including a measured plan to migrate from legacy solutions to BMC Software, with the focus of enabling Berkshire staff to quickly learn and discovery the potentials from BMC’s TrueSight Automation platform.

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About Berkshire Hathaway Energy

The Berkshire Hathaway Energy portfolio consists of locally managed businesses that share a vision for the future. These businesses, like MidAmerican Energy, deliver safe, reliable service each day to millions of customers around the world and consistently rank high in customer satisfaction.

A Leader in Renewables

MidAmerican Energy Company is a rate-regulated utility that provides reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible energy to customers in Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota and Nebraska.

With a diversified generation portfolio that includes wind, coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydro and biomass, MidAmerican Energy demonstrates environmental respect by proactively engaging in emissions-reduction projects. In fact, it’s MidAmerican Energy’s wind projects that not only foster economic growth, but have established the company as a recognized leader in the use and development of renewable energy.

For additional business information, view our fact sheet.

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