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Leveraging our subject matter experts and your staff, enabling faster time to market

Delivery Plan Aligned With Outcome

We focus on your tactical and strategic goals to align our expectations, technical skills, and customer excellence to match your required outcome.  This yields in:

  • Razor-sharp focus on deliverable and scope.
  • Lower run costs than traditional Staff Augmentation or Consulting engagements.
  • Immediate knowledge transfer to your staff, yielding faster Time to Market
  • Traditionally delivered under budget, under estimated time.
  • Highly flexible as we are able to adapt the delivery as you learn about the new capabilities, instead of waiting until end of delivery to discover or manage changes in scope.

Sample Success Story

Supporting NGS in best practice implementation, configuration, and operations of BMC Server Automation product suite for Continuous/Closed Loop Compliance for DISA STIG regulatory compliance, Automated patch management, and overarching automation engineering.
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Training and Technology Adoption

Our approach is significantly different than typical consulting engagements:

  • Immediate technology immersion for your technical staff – they will learn the technology behind your new investment starting day 1.
  • Our experts are engaged day to day to guide your staff through best practices, avoiding common pitfalls, and ensuring a consistent and correctly deployed capability.
  • Benefit from our 50+ combined years of experience implementing complex and large scale automation, cloud, vulnerability management, and orchestration solutions.

Through this model, your staff will gain critical knowledge during every step of our implementation, negating the need to wait weeks/months before understanding what was implemented.

Sample Success Story

Showcase of VVL Systems’ Trusted Advisor Program for Prosperity Bank’s mission for Vulnerability Management.
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Maximized Implementation

This is a transformative engagement model:  every dollar invested in our services yields 10x return on value through the maximized delivery of expert-level capability together with immediate knowledge transfer and training.

Sample Success Story

VVL Systems and Change Healthcare team up to deliver High Performance Vulnerability and Compliance management.
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