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VVL Systems offers various cloud-centric capabilities to assist your digital journey to cloud excellence.

  • Strategy and Consulting – assessment of client requirements against cloud options.
  • Lifecycle Management – evaluation, selection, design, implementation, and sustainment of cloud solutions, both commercial and Government-cloud.
  • Cloud Managed Services – Integration and customization of cloud platforms into client’s enterprise infrastructure.

These cloud environments part of our capability suite, and we can advise you on which is the best fit for your business:

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Strategy and Consulting

  • Assess viable Cloud options (public, private, hybrid) against client’s requirements to develop a cloud strategy
  • Analysis of requirements, technology evaluation, and development of best practices for Cloud Migration Strategies
  • Assess clients IT staff to determine/identify skills gaps for sustaining cloud best practices

Our practitioner background in Federal, Health Care, and Financial sector provides you with proven experience on an intelligent “Cloud Smart” strategy.

Our partnerships with leading cloud providers and technology vendors allows us to extend an immense amount of resources to your organization, ensuring a successful approach to your cloud journey.

In addition, our experience in navigating the common pitfalls of cloud utilization and pricing strategy provides direct recommendations to maximize your capacity optimization goals.

Sample Success Story

Learn how VVL Systems and USDA delivered AgCloud: “The Cloud Built for Government Business” leveraging Azure and AWS.
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Lifecycle Management

  • Technology evaluation and selection of cloud management products delivering best-of-breed solutions
  • Design, Implement, and Sustain Lifecycle Management solutions to support client operations
  • Design, Implement, and Sustain Lifecycle Management solutions to support client operations


Sample Success Story

Providing leadership and expertise for Sandia’s Enterprise Cloud Management Services effort to implement a private cloud capability based on the BMC Software Cloud Lifecycle Management solution. Assisted in Service Design, architecture, and…
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Cloud Managed Services

  • Integrate Self Service Platforms within existing IT infrastructures increasing ROI and minimizing CapEx
  • Customize and adapt Commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions based on client requirements
  • Evaluate, Design, and Implement Self Service solutions based on best-of-breed COTS offerings

Sample Success Story

Sustaining a leading edge Cisco UCS solution as a Hosted Platform, leveraging Server and Process Automation,  in support of a Self-Service  Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capability.  Accenture relies on VVL Systems to support their agile and leading solutions for Government customers.
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