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VVL Systems is proud to be an authorized BMC Software Solution Provider, focusing on Digital Services and helping organizations transform their IT.

This continued partnership allows VVL Systems to provide customers and prospectives with Reseller, Consulting, Training, and Support offerings covering the BMC Software DSO and  Cloud Portfolio:

  • TrueSight Server and Network Automation
  • TrueSight Cloud Security
  • TrueSight Vulnerability Management
  • TrueSight Discovery
  • TrueSight Cloud Cost Control
  • TrueSight Capacity Optimization
  • TrueSight Operations
  • TrueSight Orchestrator
  • Cloud Lifecycle Management

We also staff BMC Certified Professionals and can deliver complex yet agile solutions to help your organization achieve maximum ROI on your automation needs.  Our expertise in each of these areas are:

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management:

  • BMC CLM Certified Professionals
  • Cloud Architecture and Customer Planning (Cloud Workshops)
  • Systems Requirements and Design with Microsoft SQL and Oracle database back end
  • Network Blueprint design, configuration, and implementation
  • Install Planner execution, troubleshooting, and successful implementation
  • Service Blueprint design and configuration
  • Service Offerings and Option design and configuration
  • NetApp Storage Provider
  • Amazon Web Services Provider
  • OpenStack Provider
  • Atrium Orchestration Callout provider and workflow design, implementation, and support
  • Software Packaging (BSA) for delivery through Self-Service Cloud Model
  • Remedy Development, for Form Customization (including ARDBC, AIF, Skins, Operator Actions, and customizations)
  • ProactiveNet integration for monitoring
  • Capacity Optimization and Placement Advice through BCO 8 and 9
  • Over 10,000 man hours of experience over 20 distinct CLM implementations

TrueSight Server Automation:

  • Architecture and Customer Planning
  • Systems Requirements and Design with Microsoft SQL and Oracle database back end
  • Component Template configuration and deployment to support out of the box and custom Compliance Content
  • Snapshot, Compliance, Audit, and other forms for compliance management
  • Workload automation (either via BLPackage, NSH Scripts, BLCLI, AO Integration, or VB/Perl/Shell scripting)
  • Software Packaging in support of complex package deployment (we can provide a list of what we have done up to date, 100+ distinct software components)
  • Multiple Application Server (MAS) configuration and High Availability configurations.

TrueSight Network Automation:

  • Architecture and Customer Planning
  • Network Device enrollment, via local and remote agents
  • Custom device certifications
  • Baseline and Snapshot management
  • Compliance rules, either out of the the box or custom (per customer requirements)
  • Virtual Data Center management

TrueSight Orchestrator:

  • Architecture planning and design, related to GRID, CDP, HACDP, AMREPO, and Workflows
  • XML, XPATH, XSLT experience
  • Over 9,o00 man hours of experience developing complex use cases leveraging various AO Modules, Adapters, and workflows

In addition, we are an authorized BMC Educational Services Provider for your training needs.

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