Installing EMC Ionix Storage Insight for Availability

Here’s a quick cheat on how to install and get SIA up and running. Using SIA 2.3.1 to work with ECC 6.1 Update Bundle 7.

  1. Install EMC Solution Enabler. This is needed if you are going to monitor Symmetrix arrays.  We used version 7.1.0 for Windows.
  2. Install SIA
  3. Install permanent (or trial) license
  4. Perform any renaming of SIA domain name to suit the customer preference.
  5. Configure the Service Assurance Manager (SAM) domain group to subscribe to the Analysis and Topology SIA domains.
  6. Copy the ECC JAR file from ECC server under <ECC_INSTALL_DIR>\ECC\ECCAPIServer\ecc_inf\exec\eccapiclient.jar  into the SIA Installation folder <SIA_INSTALL_DIR>\SI\smarts\classes\eccapiclient61.0.0.0.jar
  7. Modify the <SIA_INSTALL_DIR>\SI\smarts\classes\ file to enable/disable SSL communication with ECC. Most likely, this will need to be disabled:
    1. Line “RMI.SSL.Enabled = TRUE or FALSE”
    2. Line “LogOn.SSLEnabled = TRUE or FALSE”
  8. Change <SIA_INSTALL_DIR>\SI\conf\sia\topo-server-name.conf to reflect the domain name of the SIA TOPOLOGY domain.
  9. Restart the SIA Domains (both ANALYSIS and TOPOLOGY).
  10. Attach to the SIA TOPOLOGY domain via Domain Manager Admin Console, go to Polling/Thresholds, and add ECC target and credentials for connecting to ECC. Must be a valid Admin-privileged user in ECC.
  11. Via the same GUI, add ECC server as a source for ControlCenter.
  12. Via the same GUI, add IP AMPM domain as a source for AM.

This should be about it! Any suggestions, please let us know.

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November 15, 2011
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