How to reassign CLM SOI from one owner to another

If you are using CLM 2.1 or 3.0, you probably know by now that whoever requests the Service Offering, get’s his or her username associated with the SOI provisioned.

Well – what happens if that person leaves the company or wants to transfer ownership of the SOI compute container to another individual?

To do this manually, you need to open up the Remedy User Tool and manipulate the ownership of those components.  The new user must have a valid CLM user account as a Cloud End User or Cloud Admin role.

Perform this at your own risk!

  • Open Enterprise AR form BMC.CORE:BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance
    • Search for:
      • The SOI name in the field “Name” that you wish to transfer ownership
      • The “State” field equal “Running” in Tab “Custom 67″
    • Get the InstanceId from the SOI found above.
    • Get the ReconciliationIdentity from the SOI found above.
    • Modify the “Submitter” and “OwnerName” to reflect the new user account.

  • Open Cloud AR form BMC.CORE:BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance
    • Search for the ReconciliationIdentity value from above,  in the field “ReconciliationIdentity” field.
    • Modify the “Submitter” and “OwnerName” to reflect the new user account.
  • Open Cloud AR form BMC.CLOUD:BMC_ComputeContainer
    • Search for the instanceId you got from the SOI above in the field “ServiceOfferingInstanceId” in tab “Custom 2”.
    • Modify the “Submitter” field to reflect the new user account.
  • Open Enterprise AR Form BMC.CORE:BMC_Computersystem
    • Search for:
      • The Name of the Virtual Guest you wish to change to new user.
      • The State as “Running” on Tab Custom 6″.
    • Modify the “Submitter” and “OwnerName” and Submitter fields to reflect the new user account.

If you refresh your Cloud Portal UI, the SOI is now visible and manageable by the new user.

When I have some time, I’ll create a BAO workflow that does this in a more user-friendly manner.

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January 8, 2013


  1. Chris Blanks says:

    This looks like a promising solution to an issue that I am currently facing. It looks like this post is a year or so old, so I am curious if you have vetted this out or have found any issues with its implementation. A BAO workflow would be pretty slick as well, but beggars can’t be choosers as they say.

    Anyway, great post!!!

    • Vinnie Lima says:

      Hi Chris,

      Yes this works well but is easy to make a mistake via manual labor. You should look at CLM 4.0 (Stryker) which contains this natively. Otherwise, a BAO workflow is possible and very helpful.

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