How to fix CLM IMPERSONATE issue

If you have deployed BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management anytime in the past few years, you may run in to the infamous “IMPERSONATE” error when accessing the Admin Cloud Page (also referred as the “Legacy Portal”).

The issue at hand has to do with Platform Manager unable to authenticate against the Cloud DB which is resident in the AR server.

The resolution is three-fold:

  1. Ensure that the “clmadmin” user exists and has a password assigned in CTM:People form
  2. Ensure that the “clmadmin” user has been recently updated in both User and BMC.CORE:BMC_Person forms. You can do this by simply making a small change to the first name or description fields.
  3. Ensure that the Platform Manager “cloudservices.json” has the correct encrypted password for that user, as well as AR form “CMF:PluginConfiguration”

The latter, I will walk you through how to encrypt the appropriate passwords so you can enter them in the correct field.

First, you will need the CLM Authentication Utility to encrypt the password.  “What is this CLM Authentication Utility?” you ask? Well, its a binary you have to get from BMC Support if you don’t want to tell them your password for them to encrypt for you. Trust me, you can get the utility 🙂

Once you place it on a windows directory, simply run it and it will ask you for a few bits of information.  You will need to specify your AR server and port (use “0” if you use portmapper), and use a clm admin user to login (I used the “clmadmin” user since I know its a good user, but any cloud admin will work):


You will then need to choose the component to encrypt the password.  This matters, as the encryption is different between AR and Platform Manager.  First, we will encrypt the password for the AR “CMF:PluginConfiguration”. Note: this is the password for the clmadmin user. This matters.


Next, we will paste the above password onto the AR Form. Search for the appropriate form, save the existing password, and then delete the current password and paste the above in the Value field. Save the form.


Lastly, we need to generate the password for the Platform Manager superuser which goes into the cloudservices.json configuration file (again, password for the clmadmin user).


You want to paste the above encrypted password in the cloudservices.json file which is in the <InstallDir>/BMCCloudLifeCycleManagement/Platform_Manager/configuration directory (Linux).

Search for “Super User” section and enter the “short” password in the right place:


Restart Platform Manager, and re-attempt accessing the Legacy Cloud Portal, the IMPERSONATE error should be gone.

Alternate resources (may require support login):



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April 14, 2017
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