Join VVL Systems, CarahSoft, and CloudBolt for a very special webinar highlighting the challenges with Hybrid Cloud Management in the Government on April 9th!

The Federal cloud computing strategy indicates a “Cloud Smart” approach, which follows the “Cloud First” strategy first announced in 2017:

Cloud Smart equips agencies with actionable information and recommendations gleaned from some of the country’s most impactful public and private sector use cases.

Beyond Cloud First, which granted agencies broad authority to adopt cloud-based solutions, Cloud Smart offers practical implementation guidance for Government missions to fully actualize the promise and potential of cloud-based technologies while ensuring thoughtful execution that incorporates practical realities.

Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, June 24 2019

The Challenge of Practical Realities:

Federal Agencies now, more than ever, are presented with a multitude of options which impose a work stream and technical challenge achieving practical realities:

  • Cloud Options – Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and even Private Data Centers are now considered options for compliant, Government-ready landing zones
  • Technology – with the advent of open source and commercial innovators, agencies have a breadth of choice of technologies to automate and orchestrate pieces of cloud components
  • Digital Transformation – agencies are experiencing strong push to the commercialization of cloud resources, while sustaining consistency of service delivery.

Join us as we discuss lessons learned

Come join us for a special webinar on April 9th for an insightful discussion on the challenges and use cases around Hybrid cloud management, and how Federal Agencies have addressed the practical realities.

Hear from guest speakers and government agencies on how they tackled these challenges:

  • Simplify Management – how to simplify with self-service IT and user empowerment
  • Agility with Accountability – how to add accountability with cost reduction and controlling VM sprawl
  • Efficiency through Choices – how to efficiently manage your hybrid cloud and hypervisors from a single pane of glass.
  • Maximize existing investments – Extend your ecosystem through future and legacy technology integrations, such as Terraform and DevOps-native tools.

Introducing our Panel

We are excited to announce our panel of speakers to discuss the challenges and lessons learned about Federal agencies and their journey to the cloud.

When: April 9th, 2020 – 10am EST

Where: Online Webinar – Invitation Only – Register Below:

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