Cloud solutions have changed so much about business infrastructure and the benefits are numerous. Costs generally go down when you have a well-researched strategy in place and you eliminate the need to patch and upgrade hardware. In addition, the cloud is an awesome tool for aiding in business continuity. Businesses can easily scale as they add or remove resources as the need them. End users get better access to resources and data they need and developers gain endless opportunities to innovate using cloud resources.

Organizations take many different approaches to cloud adoption, including the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud refers to a mix between private and public clouds including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

There are many benefits to going the multi-cloud route but there are also drawbacks. Although, 60% of companies are moving their apps to the cloud, 66% of them describe cloud migrations as a challenge, according to a recent IDG Research survey.

Due to these concerns, organizations need to make sure they are asking the right questions of any cloud solutions provider:

  • How do I manage cost and track resources to determine if they are over or under provisioned?
  • What is the process for removing or adding instances/licenses?
  • How does the solution provided integrate with the existing technology we have?
  • How does the ROI stack up against competitive solutions?

It’s important to get these questions answered so you can plan your cloud migration from an empowered place. This will make sure that the cloud solution provider you select is the best match for your needs and that you get the very best out of your cloud solutions in the long run.

Adapted from Cloud Solutions in the Multi-Cloud Era
By Jake O’Donnell
CloudBolt Blog

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