BMC – Bladelogic Server Automation

The following courses highlight the training offerings based on BMC Software BladeLogic Server Automation 8.2.  If you have just started using, or have been for a while, VVL Systems leverages BMC-approved course catalog and labs to deliver the critical know-how to enable your successful implementation of BSA.

Our instructors not only are BMC-certified, but are also real-world implementers of BSA solutions in various enterprises.

BMC Data Center Automation Overview

Course Description

This course is designed for administrators responsible for administering and maintaining the BMC Server Automation (BSA) environment. Students will learn how to plan and scale the BSA environment using best practice techniques; plan and apply best practice techniques to security and access management; perform application release management; configure a PXE-based provisioning solution using BSA; and use NSH scripts and the BladeLogic Command Line Interface (BLCLI). Students will also use BSA to manage an ESX server and perform administration for BMC Decision Support for Server Automation, the reporting tool used with BSA. Students will return to their organizations with increased visibility as a recognized BMC Server Automation Administrator and with improved capabilities to impact their business processes.

Successful Administrators will be able to:

  • Review the BMC Server Automation architecture and capabilities
  • Set up users and role-based access controls
  • Create, import, and decommission server objects
  • Use built-in and extended system object classes and properties to automate and simplify server configuration management tasks
  • Create snapshots to store important server assets for use in auditing
  • Analyze servers for patch compliance and add rules to an existing component to enable testing for compliance
  • Audit multiple servers and applications to ensure compliance with company and/or government policies
  • Remediate compliance exceptions and audit remediation results
  • Use the BMC Server Automation console to create BLPackages to deploy content, configuration changes, and applications on remote servers
  • Install multiple applications and configuration changes in sequence
  • Troubleshoot software deployments
  • Use the BMC Server Automation to perform basic Windows and Linux patching
  • Understand the basics of BMC BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation, the reporting tool used by BMC Server Automation



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