Not since World War I and World War II, has the United States and rest of the world encountered a challenge that collectively put every single human being at cross with globalization and collaboration.

As we all participate in social distancing and supporting our first responders, healthcare providers, and Federal/State/Local governments, we ask ourselves: how can we help?

VVL Systems is fortunate that our workforce is already positioned for remote work, although each of our families are also impacted by schools and their spouses adjusting to remote collaboration/work. Therefore, we extend greater flexibility on schedule and engagement to adapt to the new norm of home-based work/family integration.

We are not only retaining our staff – but growing to align our demand with the supply of skilled people in the industry.

But is it enough? Can we do more?

As we look at the news, and the reports of supply shortages critical in ensuring the safety of patients and healthcare workers, together with the inevitable suppliers deriving advantage over market supply shortage through price hikes (sometimes over 15X of traditional market prices), we ask ourselves: how can we help?

Yes we can and we are

We are happy to announce we have secured the ability to deliver Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to customers in need, and negotiated pricing to address the “price hike”, and commit to delivering it to customers in need in a cost transparent and honest manner.

Our supply chain from FDA and CE-certified manufacturers, logistics freight-forwarder partners, and our experience and success delivering to the Federal Government allows us to “cut through” 2nd tier suppliers – we are delivering directly from the manufacturers, with full transparency in the pricing strategy.

We also have established a strategic distribution point, near to Washington D.C. Dulles International Airport (IAD) to facilitate last-mile distribution to areas affected.

Products available:

  • Disposable Face Masks
  • N/KN95 Respirators
  • Medical Protective clothing
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • Goggles and Face Shields
FDA logo | INDIA New England News
CE marking - Wikipedia

Contract Mechanisms

VVL Systems offers the following contract mechanisms for Federal/State/Local agencies to acquire these supplies:

  • Small Business Administration 8(a) certification (Case No. 306225)
  • GSA STARS II Contract# GS00Q17GWD2445
  • Maryland State Department of Transportation SBE (Certification No. 11-562)

If your organization is a government agency or non-profit, contact us either via form below or via email. We have limited supplies available for donation and low-cost delivery.

We are committed in helping us all navigate through these difficult times and saving lives.

Contact Us and let us know how we can help!

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