Cloud storage efficiency with TwinStrata

Here’s a great article on what one can achieve with a cloud-ready storage appliance. Our friends over at TwinStrata hit the nail on the head: ease of use with intelligent appliance-based cloud storage solution.

We’ve been evaluating their CloudArray solution for awhile, leveraging Amazon EC2 storage to offload costly locally-stored backup jobs and file server content to the cloud, in conjunction with Veeam’s awesome VM Backup and Replicator solution.

TwinStrata and Veeam

Our test results are impressive. We are not able to see a downside in using the CloudArray solution versus storing the items above in our internal storage systems (SATA storage array from Dell).

The benefits are very clear – lower cost of ownership, higher assurance of our data resiliency through the inherit benefits of Amazon EC2, and freed up local storage for higher IOPS workload demands.

We loved the caching concept in TwinStratas offering: leverage local high speed storage to perform data dedupe and data transfers to the cloud, while ensuring outstanding end user experience. We leveraged their native iSCSI initiator capability to extend a portion of our EC2 storage for file sharing, and our office users did not even notice the difference. And we do a lot of high volume data transfers.

Did we mention that we did all of this over a Verizon FIOS Internet connection? (Talk about low cost enterprise-grade cloud storage!)

We are still compiling a comprehensive review of this solution, to better quantify the possibilities (including a combined solution with BMCs Cloud Lifecycle Management offering). So stay tuned for more details.

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January 19, 2012
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