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If you are a customer of BMC Software and using TrueSight Server Automation, you most likely received the below notification from BMC that you must upgrade to version 8.9.04 by September 30th, 2019: https://communities.bmc.com/events/1337 If you are wondering “How can I do this by September 30th?!”, we are happy to announce a new offering to help you […]

The SecOps Question

We hear more and more about the security breaches that happen daily; it is a pretty scary prospect for your business. You know you need to keep your information safe but where do you even start? How can you best protect your business by protecting your data? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Click here […]

If you have deployed BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management anytime in the past few years, you may run in to the infamous “IMPERSONATE” error when accessing the Admin Cloud Page (also referred as the “Legacy Portal”). The issue at hand has to do with Platform Manager unable to authenticate against the Cloud DB which is resident […]

Important new announcements

We are happy to announce we have established two important relationships as partners. First one, which should not be of surprise is our Cloud Solutions Provider for Microsoft Azure.  This aligns with our vision and strategy of providing the best Cloud Optimization services to our clients. With the advances of Microsoft on cloud and productivity, […]

BMC Best Practices Webinar

BMCCommunities recently posted a video on patch practices on Patching with BMC Server Automation. We found the video very useful and informative!

VVL Systems and CompSec are going to be sponsoring a re-occurring User’s Group format meeting, with the focus to bring together the Fort Meade, Maryland community of BMC BladeLogic users. Sponsored by users, for users, this User’s Group is intended for all audiences – technical and not – to see, share, and discuss topics in […]

This post by Microsoft explains it all….   http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff793421.aspx