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For those HP OML fans out there, here’s a neat trick that isn’t documented anywhere officially.  If you have a need to automate the deployment of OML, and need to deploy the ECS Correlator Policy to the Management server, use this:   opcnode -assign_pol node_name=‘$MGMTSV’ net_type=NETWORK_IP pol_name=”Correlation Composer” pol_type=Event_Correlation   That should do it for […]

For all of those who attended the HP Discover 2011 presentation performed by VVL Systems, or those who are interested, attached is the presentation slides we used. This presentation covered the use of HP Server Automation to automate deployment and delivery of HP BSM solutions. VVL Systems HP Automation Presentation Enjoy! And thanks for those […]

Whenever you need to exchange “payload” (that is, content) from one HP Server Automation core to another (lets say, from dev into testing, and testing into prod), HPSA includes a very handy utility to export and import. CBT or also known as DET (DCML Exchange Utility) is found in your HP Server Automation DVD. In […]

In this blog I am going to cover some of the pitfalls one usually encounters when deploying a fresh new install of HPSA (Opsware) version 9. Although this is no replacement for the Installation guide, it should help those venturing down this path from encountering some bumps on the way. Eventually, I will post a […]

**UPDATE** Our session is now listed in HP’s Discover 2011 Session Tracks! Be sure to visit and sign up if you are planning to attend: https://h30496.www3.hp.com/scheduler/catalog.do?sortBy=sessionID Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be presenting at this year’s HP Discover 2011 conference in Las Vegas, NV.  I will be focusing on leveraging HP’s […]