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This video put together by one of our customer and his son sums up the value pretty well!

When dealing with RHEL6 and VMWare Templates, and specially if you are provisioning RHEL6 from templates – it is important to note that RHEL6 memorizes a Network Adapter’s MAC address in association with the ethX interface. This is stored in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules  file. If you are temporarily assigning a network interface to RHEL6, make sure to […]

Here’s a handy XCOPY command for Windows 2008 R2 which will copy all relevant files from one drive to another:   xcopy <source> <destination> /v /f /e /k /r /h /o /x   Reference to what XCOPY provides here.

BBSA Upgrade Sequence for Windows: Upgrade the RSCD agent on BBSA Server Upgrade the RSCD agent on VC Server Stop the Appserver Close all the BBSA Consoles Upgrade the Appserver Run “blappconf -s <workspace>” to ensure DB connection strings are correct. If you dont know the workspace names, type “blasadmin -a” then “list”. Run the […]

Monday February 25, 2013 – Friday March 1, 2013 8840 Stanford Blvd Map and Directions | Register Description: This course is designed for administrators responsible for administering and maintaining the BMC BladeLogic Server Automation environment.Students will learn how to: Plan and scale a BMC BladeLogic Server Automation environment using best practice techniques Plan and apply best […]

The following are some best practices for configuring BSA 8.1 SP2 to scale up and support volume of Web Services request from CLM 2.1 SP1/SP2:   blasadmin -a set app maxclientcontexts 200 set proc spawn true set appserver maxheapsize 4096  (2048 for job server) show appserver ProxySvcPort (validate it is set to support NSH Proxy) […]

If the following error is observed in Cloud Lifecycle Management (2.1) Platform Manager’s csm.log, in regards to Web Services requests to BBSA, you may need to increase the max client contexts allowed in BBSA.  By default (8.1 SP2 installed as part of CLM 2.1 Install Planner) only has 20. To change this, logon to your […]

This is a handy command to ensure that your cloned-from-template Virtual Guests always gets Network Interfaces (NICs) starting with index of 1. Open command prompt as administrator and type:  netsh int ipv4 reset Then type: set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 Open up Device Manager by typing: start devmgmt.msc Click View->Show Hidden Devices Uninstall any Ethernet Adapter listed under the “Network Adapters” […]

Monday January 14, 2013 – Friday January 18, 2013 | Register Description: This course is designed for BMC BladeLogic administrators and users responsible for implementing and managing client/server business applications, ensuring compliance with company or government policies related to Configuration Management, and managing contention servers. Participants learn how to automate and simplify server configuration management […]

If your DNS server is Microsoft Active Directory, you’ll need to install the DNS Server Tools in Windows 2008 that is a member of that domain.  To do this, go into Server Manager in that windows 2008 server, add the following feature: Remote Server Administration Tools -> DNS Server Tools Then you can use the […]