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For those who leverage EMC’s IT Operations Intelligence Dashboard, there are ways to customize how the dashboard is loaded and data is presented.  One of those methods we are going to cover here is the webconsole.properties file. Traditionally, when the Dashboard is opened (via http://<address>:8080/webconsole), it loads HTML which has two frames, one which calls […]

For those HP OML fans out there, here’s a neat trick that isn’t documented anywhere officially.  If you have a need to automate the deployment of OML, and need to deploy the ECS Correlator Policy to the Management server, use this:   opcnode -assign_pol node_name=‘$MGMTSV’ net_type=NETWORK_IP pol_name=”Correlation Composer” pol_type=Event_Correlation   That should do it for […]

Here’s a quick cheat on how to install and get SIA up and running. Using SIA 2.3.1 to work with ECC 6.1 Update Bundle 7. Install EMC Solution Enabler. This is needed if you are going to monitor Symmetrix arrays.  We used version 7.1.0 for Windows. Install SIA Install permanent (or trial) license Perform any […]

One of the common requirements these days is to require that any web-based services are utilizing SSL/TLS for encryption and security. For those who have those requirements when deploying the EMC Ionix IT Operations Intelligence (ITOI – aka SMARTS) Dashboard (tomcat), below should be very helpful. This takes you through getting a SSL certificate generated […]

Often I am asked to integrate a software solution into Active Directory so that users are authenticated directly against AD (via LDAP or LDAP/S).  One of the biggest pains is defining the Search Base DN (where LDAP will query if a user is indeed valid). A neato tool that you can use to identify the […]

Great news!  VVL Systems is now an authorized BMC Software Consulting Service Partner.  We are now able to support any BMC customer in their journey to an efficient Data Center ecosystem with BMC’s Bladelogic Automation solution (Client, Network, Server, and Orchestration). If you would like our expertise, contact us or request us by name through […]

Last part of this series “Troubleshooting EMC Ionix (SMARTS)”, we discussed some of the key tools in enabling an Enterprise Management administrator to understand if their EMC ITOI (IT Operations Intelligence) infrastructure is healthy. In this part, we will talk about dmdebug and how it can help you efficiently understand statistics about your in-memory domain […]

Recently I went to a client to help them understand their current state of Enterprise Management. They leveraged EMC’s Ionix (aka SMARTS) for server, network, and storage monitoring. As usual in any IT enterprise, the guy who implemented left the company, and the newcomer was still ramping up. Additionally, they were experiencing high latency/poor user […]