BMC Releases CLM Feature Pack 4

BMC has shifted releases of updates to CLM (Cloud Lifecycle Management) to be more modular and easier to apply on existing environments. They roll-up previous updates and features, and is now called “Feature Pack”.

The latest of their release, Feature Pack 4, offers a slew of new capabilities including infinite possibilities with template based provisioned through AWS CloudFormation templates and Microsoft Azure Resource Manager templates.

I recently went through the installation of this Feature Pack on our Development AWS instance of the CLM 4.6.03 RDS (Rapid Deployment Stack) we use for customer validation and prototyping/testing.  And we found it to be literally a 1 step, 4-click process.

  1. Download the binary from BMC Support’s EPD, extract, and launch the installer:
  2. Click 4 times in the wizard until the installer begins:fp4-2 fp4-3 fp4-4 fp4-5 fp4-6 fp4-7
  3. Check the /tmp installation log, if you are like me and want to know what’s happening behind the scenes. This is also useful if you run into problems (named clmpatchinstaller_install_log.txt)
  4. And you are done.  Look at that clean install!fp4-9

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January 6, 2017
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