BMC CLM Caching and how to handle changes to Service Options

Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) user interface is based on Remedy AR architecture/Mid Tier infrastructure so a lot of the Caching techniques from AR applies here. But we are going to highlight two areas of direct influence on performance for CLM that most users may not know.

As some of you may know, Caching is everything in Remedy world 🙂  If you are ramping up your CLM solution, you are most likely making lots of changes to Service Definitions, Blueprints, and everything that makes CLM look cool.

What you may not know is that those options may not immediately get reflected in the CLM interface.  The reason is because caching may have not been refreshed to reflect it on your Web Browser.

To deal with this, we’ve always recommended disabling or reducing your cache expiration timeframe on both the AR Mid Tier and Enterprise AR. Here, we are going to cover these tasks.

To disable or reduce caching on the Mid Tier, simply fire up your browser to http://<mid tier server>:8080/arsys/shared/config/config.jsp and login with your Install Planner defined password.

Then click on the “Cache Settings” link and update both Definition Change Check Interval and Resource Check Interval. Note that these are in seconds.  It is reasonable to keep it down to 120 or 240 seconds when doing lots of CLM content changes.  Normally (in production), keep it to about 86400 (24 hours).  Hit Save and Flush Cache.

Next, you need to update the Enterprise AR to remove the caching for changes to CLM Options.  A lot of the Service Definition Options will not refresh in time for them to be assigned to Service Offerings, which can lead to lots of bad DSO/Recon issues.  Best advice I can give you is to remove this cache before you even think about creating Service Offerings.

To do this, bring up your Remedy AR User interface, login with the Demo account and your Install Planner defined password, and search for the form Data Visualization Definition on your Enterprise AR (very important. dont change the Cloud AR) for Definition Name = CMU:CAI:OptionsConfiguration then hit “Search”.

Double-click on the return record, and then click on elipses (…) icon next to the attribute Simple Definition. You want to modify the following values to be equal to 0 (zero).


Save the form, then restart your Enterprise AR server.

You will now have no cache-related issues when building and modifying your CLM Blueprints, Service Offerings, and User selection Options!

More details on CLM:

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April 5, 2012


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