Organizations are starting to see a heightened risk of security exposure around cloud operations. This was highlighted in August of this year when Capital One experienced a breach that exposed the personal information of over 100 million of the bank’s customers and applicants. The reason for this breach: misconfigured cloud resources.

It only takes a single misconfiguration of a cloud resource to expose critical data and this leaves businesses vulnerable to data theft, fines and financial damages due to lost revenue and future opportunities. However, the cloud itself is not inherently insecure. In fact, cloud providers outspend most enterprises on security.

Teams struggle to use the cloud securely due to several factors:

  • 50% of organizations mistakenly believe their cloud provider is solely responsible for their date security
  • The enterprise cloud footprint is constantly changing. 78% percent of product teams are using Agile to accelerate their product development. This results in development teams pushing production updates more frequently which raises the chance for a resource to get inadvertently misconfigured
  • Cloud resources must be configured properly to be secure. Limited tools make it difficult to find and fix misconfigure resources. 73% of organizations cite a lack of security visibility and nearly 1 billion records were exposed in 2018 due to misconfigured resources.
  • Staff are often not fully equipped to enforce role-based privileges which leaves organization open to malicious or careless insiders

The statistics can be scary but thankfully there is a better way. In this era of increased cloud footprint and Agile product development, organizations need to have a cloud management solution. It’s important that this platform is unified and establishes policy-based governance for multi-cloud security, cost and compliance. To make sure all bases are covered organizations want to find a platform that addresses the following:

  • Easy deployment and use
  • Multi-cloud support (especially the big 3 of Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google)
  • Leverage analytics and machine learning for predictive insights and recommendations so that issues can be addressed proactively
  • Service level visibility that enables users to manage security and cost
  • Automation to establish closed-loop processes, speed implementations and changes

By finding a cloud management solution that can be leveraged properly, organizations using the public cloud can achieve cloud cost savings, better governance, greater staff productivity and significantly strengthen security and compliance by dramatically limiting windows of exposure.


About the author:

Vinnie Lima

Vinnie Lima is the Managing Director for VVL Systems & Consulting, a small business focusing on IT Optimization for Cloud, Infrastructure, and End Users. Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Vinnie Lima has over 21 years in IT Automation, Orchestration, and Cloud. Mr. Lima’s career has been focusing on helping customers drive value from their IT investments through the use of leading edge technologies and approaches, driving innovation in a wide spectrum of industries such as DoD, Federal, Health Care, and Financial.

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