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Here are some quick tips on creating an OpenStack Glance image based on Windows 2008 R2.  There is a collection of good in-depth how-to’s on the internet, therefore will not be duplicating it here. Also make sure to download the virtio windows driver ISO here. Create a raw image to install OS into: # kvm-img […]

If you run into this problem in CLM 2.1/3.0/3.1 when on-boarding a Virtual Cluster as a Resource, most likely culprit is that the “name” of the VMware dvSwitch or vSwitch part of the BBNA POD does not match BBSA name:     So, how do you fix this? You can do one of two different […]

Open Remedy User Tool and search for form CMF:PluginConfiguration form.  Look for the entry where the Remedy mid tier is being called back by the Platform Manager.

In Remedy User Tool, search for form CMF:CloudTask  on Enterprise AR, and perform a search.  You should only have tasks which are COMPLETED or FAILED.  If you have any taskState , you may have a hung task.  You can modify the status of the task and save the change.