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Mind-blowing capability……

When dealing with RHEL6 and VMWare Templates, and specially if you are provisioning RHEL6 from templates – it is important to note that RHEL6 memorizes a Network Adapter’s MAC address in association with the ethX interface. This is stored in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules  file. If you are temporarily assigning a network interface to RHEL6, make sure to […]

Hoorah! CLM 3.1 is out!

Hi Folks, I’m excited to say that BMC Software’s Cloud Lifecycle Management 3.1 release is out.  This is an exciting release, in my opinion, because it further solidifies and broadens the capability of BMC’s flagship cloud platform.  Here’s a quick snip of what’s new: Provisioning virtual machines using Quick Start Using Quick Start, you provide […]

BMC Best Practices Webinar

BMCCommunities recently posted a video on patch practices on Patching with BMC Server Automation. We found the video very useful and informative!

If you are implementing your own BBNA signed certificates, you need to ensure you add the Root CA and the new signed certificate to CLM’s Platform Manager keystore.  To do this, simply download the Root CA and Signed certs as DER format (certificate.cer), and execute the following command against the Platform Manager’s keystore.   If […]

Here’s a handy XCOPY command for Windows 2008 R2 which will copy all relevant files from one drive to another:   xcopy <source> <destination> /v /f /e /k /r /h /o /x   Reference to what XCOPY provides here.