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The quarter-inch hole problem

Dominic Wellington (Twitter @dwellington) had a great post at the BMC communities recently articulating the age-old discussion of cloud platforms solving a business problem, versus an IT geek spinnin’ VM Templates attempting to deliver a cloud solution. I welcome you to read his great summation about how you should reverse-think your way about solving your cloud project woes, […]

This effectively configures storage decommissioning to be pre-approved., therefore enabling the associated NetApp DFM Data Set to be removed. Open Form sys:menu items Menu type: Change Policy (SEARCH) Open Entry “Pre-Authorized Change” copy menu value1 and copy Open Form CMF:ChangeIntegration Create a new Populate: TenantName: blank Tenant ID: blank ClassName: Filesystem Operation: delete instance ID = one […]

ServiceNow vs BMC Remedy

Although IT Service Management (ITSM) isn’t in the center of our magic quadrant, I thought of sharing the following links for those trying to get some truth out of the plethora of ITSM vendors in the industry. The following is from our friends at ITSM University. The state of IT Service Management (You have to […]

If you are using CLM 2.1 or 3.0, you probably know by now that whoever requests the Service Offering, get’s his or her username associated with the SOI provisioned. Well – what happens if that person leaves the company or wants to transfer ownership of the SOI compute container to another individual? To do this […]