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First, follow this BMC KB (BMC Support ID required):   The command to use the BCAN PCM Utility is:   container-util.bat -url <url of bbna> -user <username> -password <password> -operation deprovision_container -containerName <name of pesky container you want deleted> -deleteonFailureFlag true    

If you are attempting to offboard a BMC CLM 2.1 NetworkContainer and it keeps complaining:   Cannot delete NetworkContainer : Primary because it is referenced by ResourceSet : <SOME RESOURCE SET HERE>   You have to bring up the Remedy User Tool, connect to the CloudDB, and open up form BMC.CLOUD:BMC_ResourceSet.  Search for any entries […]

If your DNS server is Microsoft Active Directory, you’ll need to install the DNS Server Tools in Windows 2008 that is a member of that domain.  To do this, go into Server Manager in that windows 2008 server, add the following feature: Remote Server Administration Tools -> DNS Server Tools Then you can use the […]