Archives for July 2012

How to forcefully delete a Container in BBNA

First, follow this BMC KB (BMC Support ID required):   The command to use the BCAN PCM Utility is:   container-util.bat -url <url of bbna> -user <username> -password <password> -operation deprovision_container -containerName <name of pesky container you want deleted> -deleteonFailureFlag true    

How to offboard NetworkContainer when it’s stuck

If you are attempting to offboard a BMC CLM 2.1 NetworkContainer and it keeps complaining:   Cannot delete NetworkContainer : Primary because it is referenced by ResourceSet : <SOME RESOURCE SET HERE>   You have to bring up the Remedy User Tool, connect to the CloudDB, and open up form BMC.CLOUD:BMC_ResourceSet.  Search for any entries…

How to manipulate Active Directory DNS via command line

If your DNS server is Microsoft Active Directory, you’ll need to install the DNS Server Tools in Windows 2008 that is a member of that domain.  To do this, go into Server Manager in that windows 2008 server, add the following feature: Remote Server Administration Tools -> DNS Server Tools Then you can use the…

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