Archives for March 2012

BMC CLM 2.1 SP1 INSTALLATION – Unable to reach CMDB. Please verify the credentials” received while creating POD

If you receive this error when creating the POD, you did not create the Physical Location entry in the BMC.CORE:BMC_PhysicalLocation  form. Also see BMC KB article #KA359450 here.

BMC CLM 2.1 SP1 Installation – Install Planner RSCD AutoLic

In this series, we are going to cover many of the items of importance to deploy BMC Software’s Cloud Lifecycle Management.  This is a great solution that we have been deeply involved in customer engagements to provide Private/Public Cloud offering. This article focuses on release 2.1 SP1. We are not going to cover the step…

Configuring BMC Bladelogic RSCD Agent Security

The BMC Bladelogic for Servers RSCD Agent has three configuration files which are key to enabling remote users or Application Servers to interact with the agent.  There are two locations where such files are placed: For Linux/UNIX Systems, these files are under /usr/lib/rsc For Windows Systems, these files are under C:\Windows\rsc   The files are:…

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