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Common Linux Commands

For reference by all of those Linux admins (will be an evolving blog): Create Swap file: # dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap/swap1 bs=1024 count=8388608  , where 8388608 is 8GB # mkswap /var/swap/swap1 # swapon /var/swap/swap1

Great news!  VVL Systems is now an authorized BMC Software Consulting Service Partner.  We are now able to support any BMC customer in their journey to an efficient Data Center ecosystem with BMC’s Bladelogic Automation solution (Client, Network, Server, and Orchestration). If you would like our expertise, contact us or request us by name through […]

That is – tips on Data Center Automation! What insight or tips would you like us to cover on our next blog section?  Here are a couple of topics to get you started: -EMC Ionix? -BMC Server Automation? -HP Server Automation? -How to automate a common software solution? -How to perform patch analysis on your […]